The graph shows the relative frequency of a term in each year - i.e. how often did "recession" appear in 2008 as a percentage of all keywords? Enter your search terms and click "Update Graph." To see actual results, click on the graph's line where it intersects a year.

You can also use this graph to run keyword searches on particular top-level domains. To see how often the word "global warming" appeared in the Conservative Party of Canada's domain versus the New Democratic Party of Canada, search with the query: "global warming", "global warming" [view this example].

For a full list of domains, consult the about page.

Colours are assigned to the graph below depending on the order they are inputted (i.e. the Conservative Party of Canada will not always be blue).

Some Sample Queries to Get Started With:

Feel free to take these examples and adapt them to your own purposes. If you find something interesting, please let us know!

Click on a point on the graph to show a random sample of the matching records from that year...