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71 "Agenda of the Harper Government"

Nov 03 2011 12:40:43 EDT

72 "Agenda of the Harper Government"

Nov 03 2011 12:44:21 EDT

73 "The Marxist-Leninist Daily"

Nov 03 2011 13:25:40 EDT

74 "The Marxist-Leninist Daily"

Nov 03 2011 15:01:27 EDT

75 "Harper Talks about Left Wing Fringe Groups - YouTube"

Nov 03 2011 19:12:49 EDT

76 "The Marxist-Leninist Daily Archives 2010"

Feb 03 2012 11:25:36 EST

77 "The Marxist-Leninist Daily Archives 2011"

Feb 03 2012 11:25:41 EST

79 "David Barclay's blog"

Feb 03 2012 15:50:55 EST

80 "The Marxist-Leninist Daily"

Feb 03 2012 16:18:54 EST

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Nov 03 2011

informationrelated to possible terrorism. Prime Minister Harper recently indicatedthat this legislation would be Justification for a Fascist Regime- Dougal MacDonald -A September 14 editorial inthe private monopolynewspaper

Nov 03 2011

-Communist, Fascist Crusade- Dougal MacDonald -On August 13, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued astatement

Nov 03 2011

The Marxist-Leninist DailyApril 1, 2011 - No. 52Election 2011Canada Needs an Anti-War Government --Vote Marxist-Leninist!- Press Release, Marxist-Leninist Partyof Canada -• The MLPC calls on Canadiansto participate in this election by taking an active approach to theirown empowerment• The MLPCwill continue to organize worker politicians to form ananti-war governmentElection2011• Canada Needs an Anti-War Government -- VoteMarxist-Leninist! - Press Release, MLPCImperialist Powers Must StopInterfering in Libyan Civil War• Oppose U.S.-Led Liberal/Fascist Axis!- Hilary LeBlanc• Criminal Acts by the Harper Government --Time to Draw the Line - PierreSoublière• Canadian to Command NATO Mission -- Canada'sEverlastingShame• Study Finds Canada's Military Spending atHighest Point Since WWII• Canadian Military Exports to the Middle East& North Africa - Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade• Recent Developments• Libyan War and Control of the Mediterranean- Rick Rozoff, Stop NATOElection 2011Canada Needs an Anti-War Government --Vote Marxist-Leninist

Nov 03 2011

define our country."By distorting the meaning of words, the Harpergovernment asserts that its fascist "law and order" agenda is somehowconsistent with the demands of Canadians. Here Harper uses the word

Nov 03 2011

Harper Talks about Left Wing Fringe Groups- YouTubeBrowse Movies UploadCreate Account Sign InSearchHarper Talks about Left Wing Fringe Groupsharperfuntime11 videosSubscribeSubscribedSign In or Sign Up now!Loading...You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.Download it from Adobe.Upgrade to Flash Player 10 for improved playback performance. Upgrade Now or More Info.close876viewsLikeAdd toShareLoading...Sign In or Sign Up now!Uploaded by harperfuntime on Sep 15, 2009no description availableCategory:News & PoliticsTags:harperconservativeLicense:Standard YouTube License1 likes, 0 dislikesShow moreShow lessLink to this comment:Share to:see allAll Comments(2)Reactions(0)Sign In or Sign Up now to post a comment!Your reaction?Sign in to react to this videoOnce a PIG (Fascist)...... Always a PIG. (Fascist)TheSilverWatch5 months agoWhat a pig.greysquare78 months agoView all Comments »ReplyShareRemoveFlag for spamBlock UserUnblock UserLoading...2:21Add toStephen Harper vs Womenby TheSuperGrit11,285 views1:49Add toStephen Harper and Womenby briancoops1,439

Feb 03 2012

Rally for ReproductiveJustice• Mr. Harper — Call Off YourProvocateurs and Renounce Violence Against the People! – SteveRutchinskiLetters to the Editor• Media Coverage and Fascist"Security" Measures at the G8

Feb 03 2012

, MLPCImperialist Powers Must Stop Interfering in Libyan Civil War• Oppose U.S.-Led Liberal/Fascist Axis! - Hilary LeBlanc• Criminal Acts by the Harper Government -- Time to Draw the Line - Pierre Soublière• Canadian to

Feb 03 2012

and harper will never get a majority while he wants to be a fascist to cannabis users On  a side note

Feb 03 2012

of Guantanamo.

A full-blown military fascist state – which now includes Canadian soil.      


Harper+Cameron's 'laissez-faire' creates

Feb 03 2012

condemn all those who do not submit to the dictatorship of themonopolies, who the Harper government arrangements for a fascist dictatorship, all in the name ofCanadian values and majority rule. It must not pass